Frequently Asked Questions

XToys can't find my Bluetooth toy.

  1. Make sure you are using the correct toy block for your toy (ie. that you didn't accidentally select the wrong vendor).
  2. Make sure your toy is in bluetooth discovery mode (ex. for Lovense ensure the light on the toy is blinking).
  3. Make sure no other apps are open on your phone or PC that might try and connect to the toy (ex. close any Lovense apps).
  4. If you've paired the toy with a different phone/PC in the past you made need to make the toy forget the previous connection by following your toys unpairing instructions.
  5. Some people have issues with the built-in Bluetooth on their PC or with a Bluetooth 5.0 dongle. We recommend using a Bluetooth 4.0 dongleopen in new window.

How do I share my toy with someone remotely?

Add and connect your toy, then click the Globe button and select Host Session. Send the session link that gets displayed to your partner.

Can both myself and my partner control each others toys?

Yes. Have one person add both toys to the session and host the session. Then have your partner connect to the session. You each can then connect your toy and control either persons toys.

(by default in an online session anyone can connect their toy and control any connected toy, but only the host can add new blocks to the session)

Can I control multiple peoples toys at once?

Yes. Add any toys that the other people have, host a session and have them connect their toys. Multiple people can connect to the same toy block at the same time.

If you want to be the only person that can control the toys then uncheck the Guest Control option before starting the session.

What toys are compatible with XToys?

A full list of compatible toys is available on IoST Indexopen in new window.

Nothing happens when I press the connect button in XToys.

If you're using Chromium you may need to enable the Experimental Web Platform Features before Bluetooth and Serial connections will work.


I've connected my toy and picked a pattern but the toy isn't doing anything.

Toy intensity is scaled to the intensity slider, even when you're playing a pattern. If the intensity slider is at 0 you need to increase it before your toy will respond.

I get an error saying "There was a problem parsing the package" when trying to install the Android app.

XToys only works on Android Oreo (8.0) and later. Earlier versions of Android do not work with the XToys app and display that error message.

What's the difference between the 'Full' version of the XToys Android app from the XToys website, and the XToys 'Lite' version available on the Play Store?

The Play Store version of XToys is a basic version that only includes toy connectivity and patterns. It does not include support for any Tools, Scripts or Teases.

I've added and connected a Tool but nothing happens.

Tools in XToys don't do anything on their own. You must also add a relevant Script, ensure it's connected to the Tool and your toy, and start the Script.

What's XToys Premium? How do I activate it?

XToys Premium is a monthly subscription to XToys that helps support the site and unlocks a few additional features within the site. For more information see the XToys Donate or Subscribeopen in new window page.

If you subscribe via Patreon you'll need to go to in new window and link your Patreon account to unlock the Premium features.

If you subscribe via Paypal you'll need to go to in new window and enter the code you were emailed to unlock the Premium features. Note that it may take up to a day to receive your code after signing up via Paypal.