Using Tools

Tools allow you to connect to other non-sex toy things. For example gamepads, Discord, video games, external webpages, your phone volume keys, and more.

Adding a Tool

To add a tool click the + button on the homepage, select the Tools tab and select the Tool you wish to add.

Available Tools

  • Beacon - Have your phone act as a Bluetooth beacon
  • Beacon Detector - Control toys based on distance to a Bluetooth beacon
  • Cam Site - Trigger toys when you receive tips on Chaturbate
  • Gamepad - Control toys using a gamepad
  • Game Haptics - Trigger toys when your gamepad vibrates in a game
  • GPS Location - Control toys based on your GPS location
  • GPS Speed - Control toys based on your GPS speed
  • Keyboard - Control toys using your keyboard keys
  • Motion Detector - React to motion on a webcam
  • Push Button - Just a big push button
  • Shake Sensor - React to shaking your phone
  • Sound Level - React to the ambient sound level in the room
  • Speech Recognition - Control toys with voice commands
  • Text to Speech - Have XToys speak to you
  • Tilt Sensor - React to the orientation of your phone
  • Volume Keys - Control toys with your phone volume keys
  • Webhook - Trigger toys from an external application
  • XToys Discord Bot - Trigger toys in response to words and reactions in Discord
  • XToys Process Monitor - Trigger toys when events happen in a Windows application
  • XToys Webpage Monitor - Trigger toys when events happen on an external webpage

Using a Tool

In general a tool will just have a connect/disconnect button, and you'll need to connect a script to the tool to control how events from the tool are processed.

Some tools are more complex to set up however.